Trusted Creative Studio Partners

In creative collaboration with Gunboat Design Group based in Richmond, VA, we are excited to offer creative services to any size farm, garden center, and winery. Below you will find the different levels of packages that are available that best fits your business. Our templates are designed for use by clients. All templates are stored in Your FarmSpace and can be edited and customized to your business.

Marketing Tips

  • Concise messaging is crucial! Keep in mind that we are inundated with information daily.

  • Stay true to YOUR BRAND by telling your story in a way that conveys you, not what you think people want to hear!

  • Show people behind the scenes of your business! People will resonate with your story.

Grow Your E-commerce

  • Categorize your products into different buckets.

  • Create marketing content for each item and slowly trickle that content out on social media for example.

  • Create bundles of items that match well together. That way one purchase order is larger than a single item purchase!

Rebrand in 2022

Good branding works for your business, bad branding (or worse, no branding) is working against you. Trust is what people look for in a business. Think about it. If a business does not respect its own branding, what else are they not caring about? Good design matters, so consider leveling up your look for 2022!



You have a brand established with a marketing person or team that is savvy in design, but has no creative tools.

What's Included:

Fully customizable and reusable templates at your fingertips. Search the templates below.


A la Carte: Hourly rate $50/hr

Premium Items: Fixed rates

You have a brand established with a marketing person or team that is either:

(a) not savvy in design OR

(b) doesn’t have the bandwidth to design.

What's Included:

A la carte customized and designed assets specifically for your brand that will become your own templates.

Base Items:

  • (5) Facebook stories/posts

  • (5) Instagram stories/posts

  • Flyers

  • Posters

  • Invitations

  • Custom Needs: (mailers, postcards, etc)

Premium Items:

  • Landing Page: $1000 + hosting

  • Website (3-5 pages): $2,500 + hosting

  • Custom website: Price varies depending on the scope.

  • Ecommerce website: Price varies depending on product list.


Base package: $2,000

+ A la Carte Starter or

Self-Serve Package

You have a marketing person or team, but no formal brand identity. You simply want something to go to market with at an affordable cost.

What's Included:

The Base Brand Package is customized and designed to your business.

*Design revisions are limited to 3 rounds.

Base Brand Package includes:

  • Logo

  • Color palette

  • Font(s)

  • Brand Book: Overview of the brand.


(a) Self-Serve package OR

(b) Starter package (a la carte)


Full brand package: $10,000

+ Starter or Self-Serve Package

You are either:

(a) an established company that wants to dive deep into a full rebrand OR

(b) a new business that wants to dive deep and develop a great brand that stands out.

Full Brand package

Customized and designed full brand package.

*Design revisions will be capped at 3 rounds and then an hourly rate is applied to accomplish the scope of work.

Full Brand Package includes:

  • Base Brand Package items

  • Decorative elements: Textures, Patterns, Icons

  • Brand Strategy: Audience, Messaging, Copywriting

  • Stock imagery set

+ Starter Package Base Items:

  • (10) Facebook stories/posts

  • (10) Instagram stories/posts

  • (5) Custom Needs: (flyers, posters, mailers, invites, postcards, or other.)

+ A La Carte Premium Items:

Based on what is needed to be successful, we will help strategize and develop the right digital solution for you.

Complimentary Monthly Marketing Designs to Use!